It is time to create a rejuvenating and energetic fun-filled environment with Ms. Tate,  where kiddos can thrive and shine! Jump, dance, and let’s have some fun while staying active and healthy! Exercise helps to boost kids’ mental and physical energy through thrilling activities while enhancing their focus and attention span, reducing stress and anxiety, as well as building strength and flexibility. Join our RAAC fitness class and watch your child’s enthusiasm for exercise soar to new heights!


(Thursdays, 10:10 am – 11:10 am)


Join this exciting and fun-filled kids’ health science and exercise class! Get ready for a world of movement, laughter, and healthy adventures as we embark on a journey to fitness and joy. This class is designed to inspire young minds and bodies to stay active, build strength, make healthy decisions, and develop lifelong healthy habits. With a mix of playful activities, interactive games, and creative workouts, kiddos will discover the joy of being active while making friends and boosting their confidence.


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