This personalized course is designed to help you understand the impact of individual choices on future life goals and earning potential. Topics covered will include income, taxes, money management, spending and credit, saving and investing, and even the stock market. Students will also engage in an intriguing “million-dollar” budgeting project where they will learn to allocate your funds throughout a set period of time! Participate in a simulation Stock Market game and see if you can end up with the most revenue at the end of the semester!


(Wednesdays, 11:20 am – 12:20 pm)



Money, money, money….we all love money! Personal finance is a life skill that everyone could benefit from by mastering it. From making the money to saving, investing, and spending the money, one needs to know various resources and avenues that may be taken to get the most out of it. The “million-dollar” budgeting project helps to keep the curiosity alive! Students will pull a “life happens scenario” at the beginning of each class, to see if they will need to debit or credit their accounts! The goal is to spend all of the money down to only $0.01 by the last class session; however, manage the money till then because you never know when LIFE HAPPENS! Always stay prepared and have a back up plan. Save today to secure tomorrow!



“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” – Benjamin Franklin

“An education is the investment with the greatest returns.” – Benjamin Franklin

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