Welcome to “Culinary Fusion” – mastering a flavorful cooking experience designed exclusively for high school students seeking to explore the vibrant world of cooking and creativity. In this unique class, students will discover knowledge that go beyond the basics, blending culinary techniques, global flavors, and artistic presentation.


(Mondays, 2:10 pm – 3:20 pm)


From mastering your knowledge about various healthy herbs and spices to crafting gourmet dishes, explore various cuisines and culinary styles during each class! Travel the world through your taste buds as we delve into international cuisines. From Indian curry to Mexican enchiladas, experience the rich tapestry of global flavors.

Dive into the sweet side of culinary arts and see how desserts can be transformed into an eye-appealing delicacy! From cookies and cakes to ice cream cakes and fancy drinks, indulge your sweet tooth.

Whether you’re a seasoned home cook or stepping into the kitchen for the first time, “Culinary Fusion” offers an unforgettable experience where you’ll explore diverse flavors! Enroll now and let the culinary adventure begin!

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