Discover Mysteries in the Plant World! Grow Some Love for Plants! Together, let’s explore the Green World! Embark on a thrilling botanical journey with “Budding Botanical Detectives” Botany class is designed exclusively for curious young minds! Dive into the fascinating realm of plants through engaging lessons, captivating discussions, and hands-on labs that will ignite a passion for the natural world. It is even fascinating to discover how various plants are used in the natural medicinal world!

(Offered ONLY during Spring Semester)!


(Tuesdays, 10:10 am – 11:10 am)



In this course, students will unlock the secrets of plant life, from the intricate structures of leaves and flowers to the hidden processes within cells. They will witness the magic of photosynthesis, uncover the mysteries of plant reproduction, and discover how plants adapt to diverse environments. Kiddos will get their hands dirty planting seeds, dissecting flowers, and experimenting with plant hormones. From building mini ecosystems to creating herbal remedies, every lab is an exciting exploration of botany concepts!

Join me for an unforgettable journey where young botanists will not only learn about the importance of plants but also actively participate in the scientific process. My goal is to nurture a love for nature and instill a lifelong appreciation for the green wonders that surround us.  Watch your kiddos blossom into budding botanists with a deep understanding of and appreciation for the green tapestry of life!

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